Extraordinary efforts meet extraordinary rewards with the Chairman’s Bonus.

We believe in transcending the ordinary, and this trip is no exception. Join us in Dubai, UAE as we celebrate the extraordinary in every moment – because at Organo, we are Purposely Unordinary.

This November 2024, join us in the dazzling city of Dubai, a gem of the Middle East, for an experience that transcends expectations!

Discover the Rich History and Culture

Immerse yourself in the heart of Dubai and witness its blend of ancient traditions and modern marvels. Explore the historical neighborhoods, marvel at the iconic architecture, and soak in the vibrant desert culture.

Get Amazed by Breathtaking Landscapes

Dubai offers stunning landscapes that will leave you in awe. From the shimmering deserts to its breathtaking skyline.

Experience Extravagance with a Desert Expedition

Your journey begins with an exclusive desert safari, setting the tone for an expedition of its golden dunes and the serene beauty of the Arabian Desert.

All-Inclusive Luxury

This isn’t just a trip; it’s a lavish retreat for the OG crème de la crème. Enjoy the lavish luxury of an all-inclusive, all-expense-paid adventure that transcends the ordinary.

Congratulations to Our Trailblazers

Congratulations to our winners who’ve turned dreams into reality! Your unwavering dedication and hard work have truly paid off!

Blanca Sachtouras | USA
Robert Rakowski and Kelly Rakowski | USA
Riccardo Benato | SPA
Chanthaome Phimphachanh and On Phimphachanh | THA
Syvanh La Thongsavath | THA
Daniele Sammartino and Tiziana Linari | ITA
Antonella Minardi | ITA
Andrew Scopick and Limor Scopick | CAN
Emily Morrow | USA
Anthony Alvarez and Lelys Gonzalez | USA
Erick A Pena | USA
Linda Nguyen | USA
Hauwa Habib Ahmed | NGA
Rita Szigedi | HUN
Agrikk M Global | NGA
Szilveszter & Krisztina Gyulai Horváth | HUN
Thao Pham | USA
Emmanuel Peter Bila | NGA
Annett Nagy | HUN
Anna Maria Vitale | ITA
Abbey Ikeola | USA

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