The Frontier Markets Group is an ORGANO division formed to explore markets where Organo products are in great demand but are beyond the reach of traditional direct selling.

How to qualify?

Qualify for the Global Growth Bonus at least once in 2022 (at least one cycle).
Qualify at the rank of Sapphire or above for at least 3 consecutive months.
Remain Active and Dual-Team Qualified every month for a year.
Be a consistent Star Achiever every month of 2022


This is a 12-month GLOBAL Incentive and the bonus will be paid once a year.

2020/2021 Qualifiers

Stephen/Deanna & Casey Nilsen | USA
Blanca Sachtouras | USA
Anna & Duane Kleinsasser | USA
Angelica Enache | NLD
Riccardo Benato | ESP
Robert & Kelly Rakowski | USA
Szilveszter Gyulai & Krisztina Gyulainé Horváth | HUN
Tyler & Kari Parham | USA
Pete Cohen & Hannah Bradley | GBR
Dianne Solano | CAN
Sachin Patel & Dipa Chauhan | CAN
Nicole Conradie | ZAF
Emily Morrow | USA
Lorisca De Ridder | ZAF
Carmen Swart | ZAF
Wendy-Lee Abel | ZAF
Dennis Seifert | USA
Amy-May Inskip | ZAF
Rumaanah Ahmed-Rashid | ZAF
Markus Haselrieder | AUT
Stefano Ariodante | ITL

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