ORGANO rewards you for your performance with this 90-day Performance and Customer Acquisition Bonus Program for existing Distribution Partners.


How to qualify?

PROSPECT. SAMPLE. ENROLL. Focus on the ACTIONS that bring in new members.

Reach the milestones on each of the 3 cycles (qualification periods) to max-out your bonus.

Keep your eyes on the prize and participate! Check out the brochure for the different scenarios to help you draw up your action plan.


Robert Becerra

1st cycle winner
Sapphire | USA

“The energy involved to reach the GGB is transferred into a TEAM ACHIEVEMENTS; sets the momentum into continued WORK in progress for the new business lines.”

Maribel Torres & Javier Salazar

1st cycle winner
Diamond | USA

“El Bono de Crecimiento global fue la base de ingreso que me ayudó para lograr nuestra meta de diamantes y sobre todo desarrollar un equipo global generando ingresos. Gracias ORGANO.”

Szilveszter Gyulai

1st & 2nd Cycle winner
Diamond | Hungary

“GGBonus Perfect opportunity if the person is hungry for success and can think as a sportsman or an entrepreneur for example. Because they know the value of deadlines and if they make a goal for themselves they stay strict to deadlines. What can help these people to reach success is decision making, faith and diligence. The product is perfect, people are buying it and using it, and the system works.”

2022 Cycle 1 Qualifiers


Flores Choque de Checa, Roberta Amary
Martinez Fiscoya de Mamani, Celestina
Ventura Leva, Damacio
Teran Araoz, Niceforo Alejandro
Pena, Anuar
Torres, Santos C
Sanchez, Abraham
Carmona, Beatriz
Urban, Lizhet
Ruíz, Jorge J
Salazar, Nathan
Torres, Maribel
Becerra, Roberto
Torres, Telesforo
Kange, Pauline
Pena Flores, Maricela
Gonzalez, Angelica
Flores, Areli
Lopez, Marisol
Gyulai, Szilveszter
Marta Pozsgai
Némethné Gulyás, Judit
Ouanlasy, Manithong
Rack, Olaf Georg
Chatree Jarutawai

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